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SonoPath SDEP® Certification Program

This certification program, SDEP® (SonoPath Diagnostic Efficiency Protocol) was designed to provide sonographers (both veterinarians and technicians) a certification with the highest level of sonographic image capture skills. Cine loop and still capturing combined with the diagnostic and efficient manner of obtaining those images using the SDEP® progression, coupled with the ability to verbalize each step through this progression, is what sets this certification apart.

Certification is offered separately for both SDEP® Abdomen and SDEP® Echo, and each have their own practical and written exam. (This certification pertains strictly to scanning competence, not interpretation).

Scanning competence is defined as: “The ability to obtain the views necessary to provide for a diagnostic interpretation by a boarded-specialist, including the ability to recognize an abnormality/pathology and interrogate it appropriately.


Pre-requisites BEFORE applying for the SDEP® Certification process:

  • Applicant must be able to scan acceptably at an advanced lab station (or equivalent)

Pre-requisites AFTER applying for the SDEP® Certification process: (Must be completed successfully in order, within a 12-month period following applicant's initial registration date)

  • Must have completed AT LEAST ONE (1) SonoPath SDEP® lecture/wet lab in that particular cavity, in which the certification is sought.
  • Written exam (online). The passing grade requirement is 90% (as determined
 solely by SonoPath)
  • After passing the written exam, the registrant may take the practical exam. 

For complete information about this certification, fees, requirements, and any questions you may have please contact us at or call us at 1-800-838-4268