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The Cardi-Go!™ Cardiac Table

Price: $595.00
SonoPath's Veterinary Ultrasound Cardiac table the Cardi-Go!™

Unique Design to Amplify Scanning Window

The Cardi-Go!™ was specifically designed to “Hammock” the patient's chest which automatically amplifies the acoustic scanning window while minimizing the interference of lung artifact and allows for cleaner image sets during the echocardigogram. 


The patient is typically comfortable and calm just like relaxing in a hammock while the sonographer can focus on the image with a wider scanning window and is not distracted by the agitated patient being tilted all over to try to find the correct imaging window.


*Due to high demand the Cardi-Go!™ table is currently backordered, please contact for more information.

The Cardi-Go!™ is a sleek and durable, veterinary ultrasound cardiac table which was built for speed by Dr. Eric Lindquist, DMV, DABVP, Cert. IVUSS, a mobile sonographer with years of experience with high-volume case loads. Dr. Lindquist knows the importance of utilizing adaptable medical equipment which is why he designed a table that is collapsible, adjustable and easy to clean.

  • The Cardi-Go!™ has customized construction with no exposed parts.
  • It can support patients weighing up to 80 lbs.
  • It has adjustable legs.
  • The Cardi-Go!™ was designed with scanning cut-outs on the bed that provide access to the heart while ensuring support for the patient.
  • It weighs approx. 6 lbs, folds to easily to fit into any standard trunk, can be checked as luggage for air travel, or conveniently tucked away in a closet at your clinic. Perfect for mobile sonographers and veterinary hospitals.
  • Carrying case available for purchase: resistant nylon carrying case with shoulder strap, outside pocket and trolley band.

Cardi-Go!™ tables pre-ordered/purchased online will be shipped within the contiguous United States.

**For all other orders including INTERNATIONAL ORDERS: Please contact us directly so we can process your transcation with the correct and most efficient shipping options to your area.

To contact SonoPath via email at:, or contact SonoPath toll free at: 1-800-838-4268

Product Dimensions:

Height:  50 cm or 40 cm

Width:   50 cm 

Length:  100 cm

Folds to: 50 cm

Weight: Approx. 6 lbs

Cat/Small Dog Holes: 16.51 cm x 10.16 cm

Large Dog Triangular Hole: 25.4cm X 25.4cm X 28.58cm

For bulk purchase rates of these products please contact us.