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SonoPath Ultrasound Education Package

Price: $274.00
SonoPath Ultrasound Education package

With our SonoPath Ultrasound Education package you will receive SonoPath's DIGITAL CD/DVD trilogy and both the SDEP® Echocardiogram Progression poster and the SDEP® 17 point Abdomen poster.


The Atlas of Veterinary Sonographic Pathology:Canine/Feline/Ferrets, is one of the largest libraries of sonographic images of both normal and abnormal organ systems of the dog, cat, and ferret. 400 images of veterinary sonographic pathology with radiologist description and cytological/histopathological diagnoses in dogs, cats, and ferrets.


Sonopath’s Small Animal Sonographic Pathology Top 60 Presentations, was created as an overview of individual presentations of pathology that a clinical sonographer should expect to see regularly in practice. 85 normal reference sonographic images and 60 pathological presentations in dogs and cats divided by species, organ systems, signalment, radiology description, and definitive diagnosis.


When beginning clinical veterinary ultrasonography, everyone struggles with obtaining proper images and angles. Make the learning curve easier with the Normals digital DVD, a compilation of 260+ still images and videos that encompass the expected normal views for the heart, abdominal organs, thyroid and eye and also addresses “age related changes”: ultrasound findings in older patients that differ from “normal” and yet are clinically insignificant.

SDEP® 17 Point Abdomen Progression poster: The laminated 36" x 24" poster will take you through the 17 points of a complete Abdominal Ultrasound scan with notes and tips to improve your scanning efficiency. A must have for any clinic with doctors or technicians actively scanning or training.


SDEP® Echocardiogram Progression poster: The laminated 36" x 24" poster will take you through all the steps to acheive a complete and thorough echocardiogram. Get the views you need by reviewing this step by step progression.

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