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The Mindray Elite 8 Ultrasound Machine

Why Purchase an Ultrasound machine from SonoPath?
SonoPath provides personalized service unheard of in the ultrasound industry, because we've been there. We are SDEP™ certified mobile sonographers not salespeople. You can confidently purchase an ultrasound machine knowing you will receive education, support, and advisement.

Why We Chose Mindray Elite 8: 
We selected the Mindray Elite 8 for its mid-range price combined with an excellent high-resolution image footprint.

What we love:

  • Great window on respiratory interference
  • Single cardiac probe that works great on all sizes and all Dopper velocities
  • Intuitive workflow and basic knobology that is quickly learned
  • Widescreen combined with a laptop-style, easily carried by a comfortable handle 90-minute battery life, so in an emergency just grab and scan
  • Stable protective hardshell case that travels smoothly on 360-degree wheels and fits everything needed with room for extras

Plug & Play.
Your new Mindray Elite 8 will be delivered to you with SonoPath's unique presets already configured and field-tested. We will provide you with training videos to help you learn about your machine. Our team is here for you for ongoing support when you need it.

Training Videos.
You will receive training videos providing you with all the basics to get you

  • Out of case and starting an exam - Covering patient setup, attaching probes, choosing presets for any scan
  • Knobology during the scan - Saving videos and stills, measuring, annotating, etc.
  • Image review and post-processing - Sending individual images, deleting, recycle bin
  • Cardiac measurements - From active exam or post-processing
  • Ending the exam - Saving and sending via USB or Dicom direct & shutdown
  • Backing up cases - Using the backup function and alternative USB to external drive with instructions to upload to SonoPath telemed

Educational Products Included With Your purchase:


We Offer a No-Pressure Sales Process. We know how stressful sales negotiations can be. We have set, transparent pricing, and include warranty and support with your purchase.