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Abdominal Mass…..on a Boa Constrictor!

Patient Information

20 Years
Male, Intact


reveals a 15 cm uniformly echogenic mass that appears to derive from one of the kidneys or testicles
Anechoic fluid dilation is noted prior to and after the mass
This is suggestive for urinary tract impingement. The mass appears to be potentially resectable with surgery. The adrenal glands are also visible and found to be normal with slight nodular changes
This rules out adrenal gland origin to the mass.
Laparotomy revealed a testicular mass that was successfully removed. Histopathology: Seminoma


SonoPath goes exotic! A 26-year-old Boa Constrictor with an abdominal mass.

Patient managed by Dr. Todd Wolf, Companion AH, Parsippany, NJ, USA and imaged by Dr. Eric Lindquist of & NJ Mobile Associates, Sparta, NJ, USA.

History: A 26-year-old male Boa Constrictor (Image 1) was presented for anorexia & weight loss over last 4 months. The clinical exam revealed good body condition and attitude. A caudal abdominal mass was palpable. Blood analysis revealed elevated total protein and calcium levels. Mild elevation of uric acid was also present.

Clinical Differential Diagnosis

(Wolf DVM, DABVP): Caudal abdominal neoplasia of renal, reproductive, intestinal origin, abscess, granuloma, obstipation.

Image Interpretation

(Wolf DVM, DABVP): (Image 2) A homogeneous soft tissue mass is evident and rules out obstipation. Radiographic Differential: Caudal coelomic neoplasia/tumor, abscess, granuloma.

Sonographic Differential Diagnosis

(Lindquist DMV, DABVP): Solitary mass deriving from reproductive or renal origin; likely surgically resectable.


(Wolf DVM, DABVP): Laparotomy revealed a testicular mass that was successfully removed. Histopathology: Seminoma (Image 7)


The patient responded well postoperatively and was asymptomatic 6 weeks post-op and eating normally after 4 months of anorexia.


Special thanks to: Todd Wolf DVM, DABVP & staff at Companion Animal Hospital, Parsippany, New Jersey, USA, for providing this patient for evaluation.