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GI Presentation

Patient Information

1 Year
Male, Neutered


Demonstrates approximately 200 inches of string from a doormat. The patient recovered uneventfully.


Keelo provides a perfect example of this type of GI presentation, the mischievous Boxer presented at Andover Animal Hospital in Andover, New Jersey.

The US maneuver is 1) Right intercostal 11-13 to the pylorus, 2) Slide caudally along the duodenum 3) Off to surgery…1>2>3. We hope all your GI FB searches are this straightforward.

Sonogram (GI): Keila Marocchi

History():A 1-year-old NM Boxer was presented for evaluation following eating a doormat. The patient was anorexic and vomiting.

Clinical Differential Diagnosis

GI tract foreign body with partial or complete obstruction GI tract irritation Gastric-duodenal ulceration

Sonographic Differential Diagnosis

Gastric, duodenal ileocecal foreign body. Immediate exploratory is recommended.




Exploratory surgery was performed and linear foreign body was retrieved surgically after three enterotomies and gastrotomy.


Special thanks to Dr. Harvey Hummel and our own Diane McFadden B.S., RVT of Andover Animal Hospital, Andover, NJ for their excellent management of this case.


This right intercostal approach to this deep chested NPO boxer should easily and clearly demonstrate the pyloric outflow. When an echogenic structure is present in the gastric lumen and the patient is truly NPO with clinical signs of a foreign body, pyloric outflow obstruction is a straightforward diagnosis. The stomach presented 5.0 cm linear foreign body that continued into the duodenum and small intestine.
The echogenic luminal linear foreign body is present causing mild undulating contour to the duodenum consistent with mild accordion pleating. Of course every great ultrasound machine comes with a built in diagnostic arrow. Accordion pleating was noted in the in the distal small intestine as well as ileocecal region as well.