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Authentic Italian Recipes

Lindquist’s Pipe Dream “Spagetti A La Carbonara”
This represents the first of a series of recipes and life-outside-of veterinary medicine entries for the users. I decided to do this because friends of mine reminded me how important life is outside of work and one of my favorite phrases came to mind; “Life is not solely comprised of tasks, but of tastes.” So here I present you an article/recipe for: Lindquist’s Pipe Dream “Spagetti A La Carbonara”

Sugo Bolognese (Bolognese Meat Sauce)
So living in Bologna those last years of vet school a side hobby was trying to perfect the local cucina icon of sugo Bolognese. This is a meat sauce with the freshest ingredients from the garden and a great way to add that half bottle of red wine from the night before into the picture. A good grape is never wasted you know.

Gramigna a la Salsiccia – Bologna. Italy
So this is a particular dish found in the trattorias of Bologna, Italy where we are holding the 2011 IVUSS conference ( at my Alma Mater Universita’ di Bologna in September. I fell in love with the freshness of this pasta dish when studying in Bologna. Amazing how with simple ingredients combined in this way the flavors really jump.

Maiale Al Marsala (Pork Marsala)
So in the 3 summer months I lived in Siena, Italy, learning the language before going to vet school in 1990, this wonderful Sienese housewife named, Serena, taught a traditional Italian cooking course associated with the language school in Siena. So, of course, I had to partake in starting a new hobby. We would start about 5 pm and make about 5 courses from scratch and then have a nice tavolata with classmates and friends with the usual local Tuscan wine every Monday and Wednesday. Then after my month of cooking classes was over, mainly because I was running out of funds to pay for it, I was able to be an invited guest to the tavolata having met a girl from NYC there in Siena studying the language as well. Oh how convenientJ. I thought the heck with vet school! I’m going to open a restaurant back in the states after this is summer is overJ Well I was better at eating than cooking at that time and was certainly much too raw in the kitchen for that to happen. No pun intendedJ But, when you are a vet student living on a shoestring budget you can’t afford any hobbies but the one that lies in preparing something to eat. So this is one of the dishes I learned to do pretty well over the 5 3/4 years of vet school there and I can’t visit my mother without having to make this for her back in California.