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Travel Tips

Travel Tips for Italy (PowerPoint - 9 MB)
When we at IVUSS 2011 decided to hold our conference in Bologna, Italy, the attendees came to me for travel recommendations for Italy given that I know the country very well.
In order to streamline the process I created a powerpoint with my favorite places from Rome on north given that the annual meeting was in Bologna, Italy which is a great sleeper of a city to visit that is more true Italy than the other usual big cities that are usually visited. Bologna is a great city to travel from in the north to visit Florence and Northern Tuscany, Venice, Verona, Parma, Milan and others. Stay in Piazza Maggiore region and walk or bicycle every day to your hearts content. See my recommendations regarding food and lodging here.

Absorb Italy for what it is. Bring an appetite and good walking shoes and just get lost! Getting lost showed me the best authentic Italy.


Internet Issues in Your Hotel While Traveling? If downloads arent working its usually from bandwidth strength even if it shows a few bars. Try an ethernet connection or just changing places in the hotel away from thick walls and such. If using the hotel wifi ask them where their modem is and get as close to it as possible.

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